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ArcTanGent Festival – The best fun you can have in a field!

Been a little while since my last proper post, been a rather hectic summer with work and photos and school holidays and everything. I know, no excuse at all! Still…


Last weekend it was the first incarnation of a wonderful little festival called ArcTanGent, run by the same people that do the 2000 Trees Festival. Myself and a group of randoms went down to listen to many bands that I like, and many that I’d heard good things about (often through the Echoes and Dust blog), but for me, mainly to celebrate a good friend’s 40th year on this planet 🙂

Particularly due to the last mentioned point, I fully expected to get somewhat messy during some points of the weekend, and so I decided to leave the beloved DSLR at home (mainly for the fear of losing it in a field somewhere near Bristol…) and take a couple of film cameras with me instead. My reasoning being that if I broke them/lost them/submerged them/gave them away while drunk I’d only have to pay about £50 to get some fairly decent replacements.

So, I boldly strode into the breach armed only with my trusty Olympus OM 10 and Pentax P30, one roll of Fuji Velvia 50, one roll of Pan F 50, one roll of XP2 Super 400 and a random roll of Boots Gold ISO 200. So a rather mixed bag, just the way I like it!

Suffice to say that the Festival was a storming success! I think that during the whole weekend there was only one or two bands that didn’t catch my imagination. The vast and overwhelming majority were absolutely stunning! The stand out acts for me personally were And So I Watch You From Afar who blew both my brain and my eardrums to bits, Future of the Left, who were incredibly noisily brilliant, Manchester’s own Cleft and Charlie Barnes, Bristol’s awesome ANTA, and the rather unexpected and leftfield brilliance of SJ Esau.

If you want to hear more about the music, I’ll leave most of that wordy goodness to those folks at Echoes and Dust who are far more competent wordsmiths than I, so click this link if you want to hear all about it…

What I will do though, is leave you with the best of the photos from those four films that I want through from Thursday to Saturday. Do go listen to some of that music if you’re interested in noisy guitars and intricately played excellence. You might even like it so much you want to buy some!

P.S. The  people wrestling were doing it for fun, not fight… just to be clear…


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Looks like it was the 1960s

One of the things that I do really like about film photography, and have consistently found, no matter what type of camera I seem to be using, is the way that you can make it look like photos have been taken in a different decade, or different century even!

This seems to happen in a more pronounced way in black and white photography, and for some reason, especially so in the last film I shot. There’s pictures of the Archimedes statue at The University of Manchester (the bit that used to be UMIST, for those old enough to remember…), bits of Victoria Baths, the destruction of the BBC building on Oxford Road in Manchester and some of Levenshulme and Longsight. All of them, pretty much without exclusion look like they were taken several decades ago.

Take a look, see what you think…


All were shot with a Pentax P30

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Pentax & the 28mm wide

Weirdly enough, all of the photos that I seem to have taken with the film SLR so far seem to have been with a 50mm prime, so I was thinking about changing it up a little and seeing what I could do with something a bit different. So, I was talking to a guy at work and it turned out he had a load of old Pentax film kit that her didn’t use any more, but he had no camera body to go with it.

Sooooo, I had a quick trip to e(vil)bay and picked myself up a nice little P30N body for less than a tenner.
Which promptly didnt work, the mirror raised once and never returned…




So… I eventually went to The Real Camera Company (who are brilliant by the way!), paid a little bit more (but only a little bit!), and got a fully working body complete with instructions and an expired colour film, leaving me all ready to shoot 🙂
And so, I loaded the film, stuck the newly acquired 28mm f2.8 prime (equivalent to roughly 18mm on a crop sensor DSLR) on and shot away.

The wide angle does give a completely different perspective and as it’s so far removed from a “normal” view that we humans and our damp orbs generally percieve that it’s a little different to think through framing. There were a good few shots on this film where there was nothing at all interesting in the foreground, still I got a few that I’m happy with and above all it’s forced me to think differently again about what I’m doing and forced me a little out of my decidedly “normal” view of the world.

Take a look and do feel free to let me know what you think!


Pentax P30-002.jpgPentax P30-004.jpgPentax P30-005.jpgPentax P30-006.jpgPentax P30-007.jpgPentax P30-008.jpgPentax P30-010.jpgPentax P30-012.jpgPentax P30-014.jpgPentax P30-015.jpgPentax P30-018.jpgPentax P30-019.jpgPentax P30-020.jpgPentax P30-021.jpgPentax P30-023.jpgPentax P30-025.jpgPentax P30-026.jpgPentax P30-028.jpgPentax P30-029.jpgPentax P30-030.jpgPentax P30-031.jpgPentax P30-032.jpgPentax P30-033.jpgPentax P30-034.jpgPentax P30-035.jpgPentax P30-036.jpg

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