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Looks like it was the 1960s

One of the things that I do really like about film photography, and have consistently found, no matter what type of camera I seem to be using, is the way that you can make it look like photos have been taken in a different decade, or different century even!

This seems to happen in a more pronounced way in black and white photography, and for some reason, especially so in the last film I shot. There’s pictures of the Archimedes statue at The University of Manchester (the bit that used to be UMIST, for those old enough to remember…), bits of Victoria Baths, the destruction of the BBC building on Oxford Road in Manchester and some of Levenshulme and Longsight. All of them, pretty much without exclusion look like they were taken several decades ago.

Take a look, see what you think…


All were shot with a Pentax P30

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