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Pentax & the 28mm wide

Weirdly enough, all of the photos that I seem to have taken with the film SLR so far seem to have been with a 50mm prime, so I was thinking about changing it up a little and seeing what I could do with something a bit different. So, I was talking to a guy at work and it turned out he had a load of old Pentax film kit that her didn’t use any more, but he had no camera body to go with it.

Sooooo, I had a quick trip to e(vil)bay and picked myself up a nice little P30N body for less than a tenner.
Which promptly didnt work, the mirror raised once and never returned…




So… I eventually went to The Real Camera Company (who are brilliant by the way!), paid a little bit more (but only a little bit!), and got a fully working body complete with instructions and an expired colour film, leaving me all ready to shoot 🙂
And so, I loaded the film, stuck the newly acquired 28mm f2.8 prime (equivalent to roughly 18mm on a crop sensor DSLR) on and shot away.

The wide angle does give a completely different perspective and as it’s so far removed from a “normal” view that we humans and our damp orbs generally percieve that it’s a little different to think through framing. There were a good few shots on this film where there was nothing at all interesting in the foreground, still I got a few that I’m happy with and above all it’s forced me to think differently again about what I’m doing and forced me a little out of my decidedly “normal” view of the world.

Take a look and do feel free to let me know what you think!


Pentax P30-002.jpgPentax P30-004.jpgPentax P30-005.jpgPentax P30-006.jpgPentax P30-007.jpgPentax P30-008.jpgPentax P30-010.jpgPentax P30-012.jpgPentax P30-014.jpgPentax P30-015.jpgPentax P30-018.jpgPentax P30-019.jpgPentax P30-020.jpgPentax P30-021.jpgPentax P30-023.jpgPentax P30-025.jpgPentax P30-026.jpgPentax P30-028.jpgPentax P30-029.jpgPentax P30-030.jpgPentax P30-031.jpgPentax P30-032.jpgPentax P30-033.jpgPentax P30-034.jpgPentax P30-035.jpgPentax P30-036.jpg

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