Poor, neglected blog… (And a new album cover!)

So, the last proper post on here was in October 2014.

That means roughly 11 months of being a tiny little bit rubbish about keeping the blog side of this site going. Life does tend to get in the way at times, not bad things, I hasten to add…

I’ve actually had another album cover with my photography on it, commissioned by the ever charming Charlie Barnes for his album More Stately Mansions which, by all accounts is a beautiful piece of work. Highly, highly recommended if you like that big morbid death pop kinda thing… Also, you’ll notice a few more of mine being used as his press shots and for an upcoming single as well.


In other news, I seem to have been doing a rather significant number of gig shoots for the rather wonderful Echoes and Dust. If you’re at all into the weird and wonderful ends of the various musical spectra, it would be more than worth your while to drop across there and check them out for reviews, features, gig suggestions, and photos. If you’re interested, you can find the last 15 or so of my contributions to them here, or just all of the E&D photos here

It’s also reached that time of year again when the annual pilgrimage to ArcTanGent has now happened, photos of mine are starting to appear on Echoes and Dust, and a full run down will appear on here in time. Watch this space, it’s going to be worth it…

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