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A little something to round off the year…

No particular one subject for this post really, 2012 has been a very busy year indeed, so I thought that I’d go through the best that I’d shot of the year and choose roughly 20 or so to sum it all up. Of course, being me, I completely failed to choose 20 photos, so here’s just over 60 (digital and film from a variety of cameras…) that sum up 2012 for me…

They’re not necessarily all tack sharp, but for me, every one of them says something about that moment, portraying the atmosphere; the fun; just the stuff that was happening around me over the course of the year.

After all, in 2012, we’ve had another child, a loft conversion, the other child’s grown a year older, I’ve been to loads of pretty damned awesome gigs, met some bonkers people and spent a lot of time with a lot of good friends and my brilliant family. A pretty busy year all in all!

Thank you 2012, you’ve been great, now, bring on 2013!

Bessa-23.jpgBessa-45.jpgBessa-6-2.jpgCNV00002.jpgCNV00004.jpgDSC_2189.jpgDSC_3094.jpgDSC_3136 Panorama.jpgDSC_3309.jpgDSC_3944.jpgDSC_4055.jpgDSC_4362.jpgDSC_4385.jpgDSC_4447.jpgDSC_4790.jpgDSC_4917.jpgDSC_5177.jpgDSC_5392.jpgDSC_7068.jpgDSC_7306.jpgDSC_7309.jpgDSC_7374.jpgDSC_7408.jpgDSC_7489.jpgDSC_7554.jpgDSC_7565.jpgDSC_7579.jpgDSC_7608.jpgDSC_7859.jpgDSC_7874.jpgDSC_7879.jpgDSC_7970.jpgDSC_8049.jpgDSC_8115.jpgDSC_8130.jpgDSC_8165.jpgDSC_8235.jpgDSC_8467.jpgDSC_9057.jpgDSC_9817.jpgNIK_3035.jpgNIK_3073.jpgOm10- 036.jpgOm10- 038.jpguntitled-112.jpguntitled-129.jpguntitled-135.jpguntitled-224-2.jpguntitled-27.jpguntitled-363-2.jpguntitled-408.jpg

Of course the other thing that happened was Movember, when I shaved off my usual Mo to grow another. I only got the first 18 days of stop MOtion (sorry) growth, but I reckon that was enough, so here’s a little special treat(?) for you all!

The first 18 days of (re)growing my mo!

18 days of mo growth is enough for anyone!

Have a great Christmas and New Year and I’ll see you all in 2013!

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