About me

Self portrait by Ed Sprake

Well, what first I wonder. I have little hair and a furrowed brow, but I guess you can see that that…

Still what matters is that I’m a keen amateur photographer with a healthy interest in music photography, event photography, street photography, wedding photography… I could go on, but I guess that just “photography” covers it.

Most of the images that I produce have some link to people, be they dancing, playing instruments getting married or even if it’s just the influence of people on their surroundings. There are exceptions of course and this does get tenuous at times if you look too closely.

Basically, I really enjoy making creative,  interesting and unusual images, be that using digital or film. I’m still learning and intend to be for many, many years to come, feel free to join me in that journey…


Please feel free to get in contact through the icons on the sidebar by either e-mail, Twitter or Facebook and there’s a load of gifs of musicians on Tumblr if you feel like a browse.