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Trojan Horse – World Turned Upside Down

Just a quick post for you, I just thought that I’d let you know that I’ve been collaborating with the rather splendid Trojan Horse on the cover of their new album, World Turned Upside Down.

I’ve been a bit of a fan for a while now so I’m rather pleased that they chose me to shoot the photography for the cover (comprising the full width back panel and the four inner shots). Also, I’ve just got a physical copy and it looks beautiful, as you can see below 🙂 The four inner shots are also in this post, all of them composites of about 10 shots a piece, and to top it all off I even got a credit for playing ukulele on two tracks for them!

Well chuffed!

I think it’s turned out rather well!

The album’s out on October 13th 2014 and you can pre-order it (or just order it, if you’re late to the party…) here!


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