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This City Is Ours


Blood Boy, DJing at This City Is Ours

This City Is Ours.

Well, that goes without saying really, we live here after all.

It’s a wonderful, friendly little phrase which invites you in with this lovely feeling of warmth and belonging.

Quite a coincidence really as there’s a regular monthly club night of the same name that engenders precisely the same kind of feelings.

For me, This City Is Ours is one of Manchester’s hidden musical gems. Small, yes, but bright enough with talent, aesthetics and a wonderful sense of the not quite normal that it can sometimes outshine the sun with all of it’s twinkly goodness.

Run by a collection of local artists, this night draws on the talent of the electronic underground in Manchester and across the UK (and occasionally the world) bringing a wide selection of wonderfully glitchy, different electronica to your ears. I’ve heard influences from mid 90’s ambience to post-dubstep to glitch to breakcore to stuff that I wouldn’t dare categorise. All of it, however, has been of a quality that you don’t often find in one place, let alone on a single night. And all done without the slightest hint of pretentiousness.

Anyhow, suffice to say, it’s well worth seeking out if you like your electronics. Oh, and they seem to have a record label too, you might want to check that out I reckon.

They also have a wonderful VJ who’s bonkers projections turn the drabbest of spaces into their own special brand of psychedelics, just see the photos below…



For the full set of photos from this night, please see the gallery on my facebook page.

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A small exhibition at Trove

Just a quick note, if you’d like to see some of my photography in person, there will be some up for viewing at Trove Foods in Levenshulme.

A couple my photos taken in Trove are below, it’s a lovely, friendly little place with hand made artisan bread and local organic produce, one of Levy’s hidden gems and well worth a look!

The photos will be up for the next month or so (from September 12th 2012), so do feel free to pop in, sample some of their lovely food and take a look!



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An accidental panorama

A Birthday Panorama

12 exposures, some of them multiples in the space of about 9 or so…





So kids, this is what happens when you don’t pay attention to your camera settings!

It was a friend’s birthday last week, so I thought that I’d take the Holga along, of course I’d got the single frame setting on the thing wrong and it was showing me numbers for 16 frames per roll. I had the 12 frame per roll mask in place. Oops…

Still, I got it developed, asked the lab not to cut the roll for me, so as well as their attempts at getting individual frames (see below…) I could also put it on the flat bed scanner at home and get it in its entirety! The whole panorama scanned direct from the negative at 2400 dpi was just over 60,000 (yes, that’s right, 60,000!) pixels wide. So, not a small file… You can click here to view a version on Flickr that’s roughly 30 times smaller than that and still not viewable all at once on a normal monitor…

All good fun though 🙂


Birthday-Panorama (10).jpgBirthday-Panorama (11).jpgBirthday-Panorama (12).jpgBirthday-Panorama (13).jpgBirthday-Panorama (14).jpgBirthday-Panorama (3).jpgBirthday-Panorama (4).jpgBirthday-Panorama (5).jpgBirthday-Panorama (6).jpgBirthday-Panorama (7).jpgBirthday-Panorama (8).jpgBirthday-Panorama (9).jpgBirthday-Panorama (1).jpgBirthday-Panorama (2).jpg


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